222The health of your animals is a priority and for many species having vaccinations is a vital part of their care to protect them from potentially fatal diseases that can also be detrimental to humans.

Our vets can provide you with the most current and up to date information regarding vaccines to promote the health of your herds and flocks, and to improve their welfare.

The surroundings your animals are kept in can have a varied effect on how their general health should be managed. We are here to work with you to make the most of the facilities and grazing that you have got.

Effective and timely parasite control has significant impacts on animal health, farm productivity and the processing industry. The changing weather patterns and combinations of various housing and grazing options means that most small holdings require a tailored approach which is best designed by you and one of our vets.

We advise that worm egg counts should be done at regular intervals to monitor progress, test to see whether treatments are working as intended and to help develop strategic treatments.