300You have the opportunity to work closely with our vets to develop a health plan that will work for your flock or herd and compliment your routine.

It is important to maintain the health of your animals and constantly strive to improve their welfare and we are here to work with you towards achieving this.

Our vets can come and visit, assess the facilities you have and make recommendations based on this, taking your routine and availability into account. We can help with all aspects of husbandry including giving you as much information and help or training you would like.

We fully understand the difficulties small holding owners face in keeping their grazing standards at a consistent level during the winter months and ever changing weather patterns. We can help ensure that your animals get the best nutrition out of the grazing and fodder available to them at all times. Worming protocols can be tailor made for your flocks and herds depending on the management system that you are using or we have created.

If you intend to breed from your animals then a detailed plan can be available right from the start, from the AI or natural covering, to Pregnancy Diagnosis (PD), birth and management of youngstock.

We also do routine surgical procedures e.g. castrations, which can either be done at our clinic here at Barings Field Farm, or at home depending on your facilities.