September 2016

Buster in the field

Still so handsome if I do say so myself!

The sun has for the most part just kept on shining – and for us the flies have not been a problem as we changed to our summer grazing routine after haymaking so we go out after the flies have gone to bed and the air is a little cooler – lucky we have excellent night vision so we can see that lovely sweet grass – I do prefer the night grazing routine then I can snooze all day in my lovely cool stable but still see who is coming and going!

We have had some lovely new faces staying this month; one super sophisticated “dressage” horse made a short pit stop before moving on to his new home being vetted by Viki “our boss vet”. Everyone agreed he was just so perfect and is definitely going to be spoiled with his new Mummy!

Early morning field gang

My chums from left to right, Scooter, Penny, myself (Buster), Torro and Abraham

As usual we have had our regulars calling in for their new shoes or annual vaccinations or treatments and as I write this I see we have TWO new chickens joined the flock, how excited everyone is; two “Dorking” hens have made themselves comfortable so now it is fingers crossed for plenty of eggs so they can get baking for our Macmillan Coffee Morning and open day being held on Saturday 1st October, 10-12.30 in our Newdigate surgery.

If the reports are to be believed these annual coffee mornings are great fun and everyone returns full of cake and beaming smiles on their face. Bertie (Viki’s scruffy terrier dog) tells me that they are opening up the small animal surgery for clients to see behind the scenes. What a fabulous idea for a great cancer charity.  In 2015 £349.50 was raised so everyone is hoping to beat that this year so spread the word and go down to join them. I would love to myself but I am not sure I would fit through the door!

Now September has come and the last of the summer heat will soon end – I can feel the weather has cooled a bit and early morning autumn mists have started – what a lovely peaceful time of year autumn is – reminders of my hunting youth – sad in some ways my legs no longer can run so fast but happy with my memories.

Soon my lovely cosy rug will help me keep the approaching winter cold at bay so let’s all make the most of the sunshine we get. If you can do come along to our Macmillan Coffee Morning and Open Day on 1st October – Cancer care needs your support if you manage to make it there.


Until next time…

Buster x

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