September 2016

Wow! The heat has been intense! Some days I felt I was going to roast but I do love lying in the sun and you may have noticed me on the reception seats catching a few rays – sorry to those of you  who have had to stand oPhoto 03-08-2016 20 23 25r squeeze into a corner while waiting to see the vets so as not to disturb me!

August has been really busy – lots of people bringing their cats and dogs in for annual vaccinations or health checks – really pleased to see so many of my health club members (for details of my Health Club scheme look on the web page) calling in for their FREE 3 monthly checks.

We are all really excited this month as we gear up for our annual Macmillan Cancer Care coffee morning on 1st October. As this is a Saturday we are having OPEN HOUSE so everyone can see what we do at the surgery as well as support a worthy charity.Photo 03-08-2016 20 23 44

It is great to be able to see where your pets are cared for and where they get to stay if they happen to visit us for prolonged periods of time. Also if you have an up and coming operation booked in, please feel free to bring your dogs too so they can have a look around and familiarise themselves.

There will be plenty of staff on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. Vets will be doing brief dental checks and Pippa our groomer will be here to clip any long nails, all for a donation to Macmillan of course

Last year we were incredibly proud to have raised £349.50 and we are really hoping to beat it this year. All cake donations are welcome and I will personally be checking them all to make sure they are up to scratch!

I am always excited to see you all so please do make sure you don’t forget to give me a stroke when you come in for your coffee (or tea!) and cake – after all, I am the most important person here of course!

Next month I will report on the happenings on 1st October and get a few pics so you can all see how busy I have been!

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