Registration Form


 Friendly Vets Ltd

A person requesting clinical advice or attendance and our acceptance of an instruction communicated either verbally, electronically or in writing for the provision of goods or services constitutes the commencement of a contract to supply such goods and services – as such the client or person issuing the request will be subject to these terms. We reserve the right to change these terms giving notice by posting on our website  A copy of the terms is available to view at our offices, on many email financial statements and the company website.

These terms will apply unless specifically varied in writing by a director of Friendly Vets Ltd and apply to the company and its trading styles. They replace any previous terms issued and apply for all transactions from 1st August 2013. Nothing in these terms is intended to affect a client’s statutory right.

        1. Services & Goods provided are due for payment at the time of supply and are strictly net unless otherwise indicated on any invoice/statement
        1. A client or person requesting our services also gives consent for our clinicians to provide goods, services, and treatment
        1. We reserve the right at our sole discretion whether to accept any animal for treatment – our staff will advise if we consider your animal unsuitable for our services
        1. Any prices communicated whether in writing or verbally prior to an invoice being issued will be an estimate only and will be net of VAT unless otherwise stated
        1. We reserve the right to request interim payments or a deposit or the total of estimated fees prior to or during treatment
        1. In order to comply with our Data Protection policy we require all clients to complete and sign registration forms – registration for one species will apply to any further animals presented by the owner whether named on the original registration or not
        1. By singing your registration you consent to clinical procedures being undertaken with any animal presented to us – Additional consent forms may be required for specific procedures/treatment in which case you will be asked to re-confirm your consent
        1. Some types of supply or work undertaken may qualify for a discount – if so details will be on any invoice/statements issued. A discount may only be taken within the terms specified in the supply and if detailed in writing


INSURANCE for Animals

        1. No direct payment arrangements from insurers are accepted UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AUTHORISED IN WRITING PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMNT OF INVESTIGATION
        1. Clients who are insured will be required to settle accounts in accordance with the payment terms whether or not the insurer accepts the claim and should the insurer deduct any payment discount offered this is a matter between the client and their insurer
        1. All Insurance forms requiring veterinary signature must be submitted to case clinician NOT MORE THAN 14 DAYS after initial consultation
        1. No insurance forms will be completed if an account is outside the terms of payment until the account is brought in line with its credit limit



        1. Any monies outstanding for more than 10 days from supply or issue of an invoice may be subject to an administration charge of £25.00 or 10% of the amount outstanding (whichever is the greater) which charge shall be added to the outstanding balance
                1. For each day after the 10 days the account or balance of the account remains outstanding a further administration charge of 1/10th of the same amount as stated above will be added to the outstanding balance
        1. Payments presented but not honoured will attract an administration charge of £50.00 for each occasion a payment is refused
        1. Charges not otherwise resolved or under investigation and not settled in full within 20 days of provision or invoice date will result in suspension of credit and a deposit will be necessary prior to further veterinary attendance
        1. Any payment due and not settled within 30 days will be regarded as in default and collection action may be commenced at our sole discretion
                1. Additional charges will be added to the client account
                1. Interest will be added to all accounts outstanding for more than 30 days from the date of the original supply of the service
        1. Any charges outstanding for longer than 30 days without prior written agreement will result in 1st aid emergency service only being provided and only on payment of a deposit
        1. Court Action for recovery of unpaid invoices (and/or admin fees & interest) will be commenced after 60 days from the date supply or invoice



Notwithstanding delivery all goods supplied to the client remain the property of Friendly Vets Ltd until receipt of payment in full from the client in respect of those goods and any other goods supplied to the client for which payment is then due

All Radiographs, Images, Notes, Photographs (whether electronically held or not) are to assist the diagnostic process and remain the property of Friendly Vets Ltd. Copies of information may be provided and a fee may be payable for referral or treatment purposes to another qualified veterinarian at the sole discretion of a director of the company



The client understands and agrees that any personal information given shall be held by Friendly Vets Ltd or its trading styles in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for the purposes of fulfilling any treatment required or contract of sale and for future communications with the client that the company consider may be of interest to the client or to enable the company to provide normal services to the client. Friendly Vets Ltd undertake not to sell, lend or otherwise disseminate to a 3rd party any client’s details unless it is in the interests of animal welfare, compliance with the law or at the express wish of the client or to facilitate treatment to a client’s animals. Should a client not wish to receive marketing communications from Friendly Vets Ltd or associated trading styles they should notify the company by email to quoting a recent order/invoice or account number requesting no marketing communications are sent.


Clients should note that for the purposes of compliance with the RCVS Code of Conduct any written docket left with the client at the time of consultation/treatment forms the case history for Equine clients – additional copies may be provided upon transfer to another practice for an additional charge made for copying. Small animal clients may request a computer print out of their record at no charge. Client clinical histories will normally be transferred to a succeeding veterinary practice only on written confirmation from a client the information may be released.

Issue 9 – August 2013