October 2016

Welcome to the Autumn! The temperature has dropped, the leaves are falling and it is my all time favourite time of year.IMG_8819
We have had a great September with some lovely weather and a few fabulous clients to keep us company. My dear friend Coco who has been staying with us has moved on to pastures new as planned. It was so much fun having him here and we get on like a house on fire, bringing out the youth in each other! We wished him well on his journey across the English Channel and Vet Viki ensured that he was absolutely fit and healthy to travel before his departure which is very important when there is such a long journey ahead.

Harriet and Richard
Last Saturday 1st October everyone up at the farm abandoned me to go to the small animal surgery for some coffee and cake in aid of Macmillan. I heard that they opened all the doors to the surgery so that everyone could have a look around. How fascinating – I have always wanted to see what goes on inside a small animal veterinary practice and apparently this was the perfect opportunity.
The girls have been talking about nothing else ever since and are thrilled that we made £365.09 to donate to such a fabulous cause!
Another big event happened last month, Harriet got married at Newdigate Church. Everyone dressed up in their glad rags, I barely recognised them out of wIMG_8817ork gear but they looked fabulous and a great time was had by all. All the horses sent their congratulations and apparently her own horse Harry also made a guest appearance on the day! I bet he was very confused when he was plaited in the morning, for then not to go jumping!
Our winter rugs have all been washed, reproofed and returned ready for the colder months IMG_8818ahead. Time to snuggle down and make the most of the sunshine! Just a quick word of advice to all fellow equines, avoid the acorns. However tempting they may be they give you a very nasty tummy if you eat them – more information HERE .

Until November…
Buster x

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