November 2016

Oh wow I am exhausted from all of the admin as we have had so many new members joining my health club! When I say I am exhausted, I mean that I have been busy watching thePhoto 03-08-2016 20 24 07 girls to make sure they are doing everything correctly. That is tiring in my books!
As a member of my health club, cats and dogs can benefit from so much including their annual vaccinations, discounted flea and worm treatment. You get plenty of visits to the vet so we get to know you and more importantly, all cats and dogs feel comfortable here, and you can benefit from so much more including discounts on many other goods and services.
If you would like to find out more just give one of our team a call on 01306 868030 or take a look at my very own area on the website: Haribo’s Health Club. It’s very easy to sign up and we can help you every step of the way.
In other news it has been marked a year since my disappearing act which gave everyone a scare. I thought I had better not go on any adventuresPhoto 03-08-2016 20 23 57 this year as when I returned the last time I was swiftly put on a diet (apparently I had put on weight, I call it festively plump!) So instead I have been making sure I have been around to entertain my fans.
The surgery has been lovely and busy recently and the girls are now beginning to talk about Christmas. They have taken it upon themselves to organise a Secret Santa but I haven’t been asked to choose anyone yet…..I hope they haven’t forgotten me! I am sure that before long there will be plenty of decorations about the place that I will have great fun taking them down during the night time. It’s the best time of year, almost as if there is an adventure course set up especially for me!
I must remember though that some decorations and festive goodies aren’t always as fun or exciting as they seem and can often be dangerous. Check out our blog to find out about all the dangers that can be present during these winter months: Winter Dangers
Very soon we will start our famous Christmas Photo Competition – obviously I have been grooming myself in preparation for my modelling shoot – I will be one of the first entries so keep your eyes peeled. This is definitely my favourite competition of the year!
See you in December!


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