May 2016


First let me introduce myself. My name is Buster and I am the longest standing member of Barings Field Farm. I like to think that I am the most handsome gentleman here on the yard and I am sure all the others will agree!

This blog is to keep all our lovely clients up to date with the goings on at Newdigate Vets and Barings Field Farm, from a horses point of view which quite frankly, I feel is the most important point of view!!

So I will bring you up to speed with the year so far. After a boringly wet winter we are finally allowed out in our big fields again which is great news. Especially for the competition driving horses who love to have a run and a buck. For me I have my own rules. I don’t often like to be penned in so I have finally convinced Viki and the girls to just let me graze free range around the farm. That way I can keep an eye on everything much more easily.

After some sun on our backs which has been most welcome, we finally had a bit more rain (can’t believe I even said that!) and the grass has eventually decided to grow a bit so we are all thrilled. Apparently that means we have to be more careful with what we eat and how much, so my plan of eating until I can hardly move has been put on stop!

This year has been busy so far and we have had lots of visitors in to our barn for one reason or another. I always like meeting the new horses when I am walking down the barn. I find their stories very interesting to listen to and we all especially like it when their owners come as we tend to get a few more cuddles too as they introduce themselves to us!

It is great when they leave Barings Field Farm feeling much better and we always like to hear how they are getting on. I have had my fair share of treatment now that I have reached, how shall I put it, a more mature age – so I like to be able to give a pep talk to those that are in and  help put their minds at rest. It must work as all our inpatients always seem very settled here.

Well I had better go for now. I can hear the girls making my dinner so I need to be on alert to make sure they don’t miss me. I try and convince them to feed me first each time but sadly my attempts are in vain!

Until next time,

Buster x

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