June 2016

Buster and Melanie We have had some gorgeous weather recently allowing the last bits of winter coat to come out which makes us all feel so much better! The sheep have also been sheared so they must be feeling it a bit more than us!

May has been a busy month for us with various inpatients with a mixture of ailments. Although it has been nice getting to know them on my way down the barn, it has really been lovely to hear how they are back out and about doing what they (and their owners!) love doing the most.

Torro and the rest of his driving buddies have also been working hard on their fitness and they are disappearing off to exercise for longer periods of time now. Hopefully by the next blog I will have some competition results for you!

I have also been out and about a bit too with my trusted riders, Melanie and Lauren. I think they feel I could be an easy ride as I am, well, getting on a bit! So I have to remind them every now and again that although I am not a spring chicken anymore, thanks to my wonderful vets, I can still manage to behave and move like one!

Not only have we had lots of equine visitors, we have also had lots of human ones for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to buy their horse feed from us. The horses at Barings Field Farm are fed Primero Total which is a holistic horse feed suitable for all types of horses in varying levels of work. Ideal for everyone that comes in and as its composition is varied, it’s absolutely delicious. I am yet to meet a horse that doesn’t like it.

If you would like to purchase some or find out more about it, simply contact us and the humans can give you more information.Torro grazing

For all of you out and about competing during June please send in your photos and competition reports, we all LOVE to read how you are getting on and it definitely provides inspiration for those inpatients who are here and not currently feeling their best.

Until next time,

Buster x

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