July 2016

So far the British Summer Time seems to have forgotten us, either that or it has rewritten its brief for what should make up a good summer! I think our hens have gone on strike too because of the bad weather. Since the rain came in at the beginning of June, Viki and Peter have had to cope with rationed egg production! But despite all the rain we are all still cheery and ever optimistic for those days of wonderful sunshine!

Another busy month for us here at Newdigate Vets. We have had so many visitors, some staying for longer than others. One of our patients decided that they liked it here so much that the day before they were due to be discharged, he decided to give us another reason to stay and keep the vets busy!

We have also had a gorgeous little Soay lamb in with a suspected broken leg. Together with his mother he came in and had x-rays which confirmed the fracture and also showed exactly where and how it was fractured. The vets splinted it and he spent a few days with us to recuperate and get used to his bandaging. He has been recovering really well. Everyone finds cases like these fascinating and we are sure his mother will do a great job at looking after him as well as his humans.

Catching some shelter in the Donkey's stable and raiding their stash of ginger nuts!

Catching some shelter in the Donkey’s stable and raiding their stash of ginger nuts!

As I have been around much longer than the others, I wasn’t at all surprised by our slightly different resident in the barn, some of the other horses however were most definitely not expecting to see a sheep in the stable next to them and there was definitely a bit of snorting to be heard in the beginning!

Talking of alternative residents we also had two cats who normally go to the small animal surgery. However their humans went on holiday and so they came to staywith us so that we could keep a really close eye on them. They were so sweet and loved to watch me go by – so inquisitive.

I have been  laughing at the donkeys the last couple of days as they have been having their annual bath and smarten  up before Ardingly Smallholders Show 2/3 July. This is an activity which is definitely not on the top of their list of favourite things to do! Off they went with a spring in their step as Francesca was ever so kind and packed them a haynet and some fibre nuggets. No doubt they will be spoiled rotten! They are also attending Capel Show on the 20th August 2016.

I have currently got an old and best friend here to stay for a few weeks too. A lovely Selle-Francais horse who is of a similar age to me. What can I say, he brings out the worst in me and we are definitely managing to keep the girls on their toes, even if our combined age is over 50! Apparently we are now not allowed to sit next to each other at school as we might disrupt the class!!

That is my excitement for the month. Well done to all those who have done well at their competitions and thank you for sending in your photos and reports. They are such good inspiration for those staying with us that aren’t quite feeling their best!

Until next time,

Buster x

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