Introducing Haribo! August 2016

Some of you know me; some of you may not so I will introduce myself anyway. My name is Haribo and I am a devilishly handsome black and white male, domestic shorthaired cat. I live here at the small animal surgery at Newdigate Vets and am often featured on the Newdigate Vets Facebook page or website!Photo 03-08-2016 20 23 55

Photo 03-08-2016 20 23 40I ended up here as my career as a stray, entire, male; tom-cat gigolo didn’t quite go to plan! Follow my exploits around Newdigate Vets and quickly you will realise that my love of food will be quite a recurring theme throughout this blog, and that is what brought me here in the first place!

Our previous nurse stumbled across me one day (must have been a fluky moment that my ninja-like guard was down!) and she used to leave me some food to eat. Being a first class foody I succumbed, a moment of weakness, returning for more on a regular basis – my undoing!

All men will know that free and good food is one of life’s greatest things and I rather enjoyed the attention. One day I let my human (as she quickly became) pick me up and before I knew it I was in a cat box and arrived at this place! Lovely people crowded round and starting poking things where things should not be poked! Lot’s of “ooooh’s” and “ahhh’s” and “gosh, he’s cute” did put me at ease of course.

Photo 03-08-2016 14 11 05THEN no sooner could I say “more food please” I was feeling sleepy. I woke shortly after and my testicles had gone! How rude! But still receiving plenty of compliments so not all bad! I soon felt great and I got lots of food and plenty of attention (which I had already decided I quite enjoyed!) with a warm bed to sleep in as often as I liked. So I thought I would stick around for a while and I have never quite got round to leaving!

Now three years later I have complete control of the place and have everyone at me beck and call. When they ‘improved’ the surgery I got them to design the access around my needs and had microchip controlled cat flaps put just where I wanted them so if I don’t get my breakfast or dinner on time, then I go out and find my own. My greatest joy is to share my food with my friends so almoPhoto 03-08-2016 20 23 58st every day I make sure I bring in some foody presents and can’t possibly understand why they can’t appreciate them! It always works out for me though as they soon learn that they need to feed me as and when I ask for it. They don’t know of course that I still like to hunt, full tummy or not – sssssh don’t say a word!

Most days you will find me snoozing in reception – I have a rather smart new bed at the moment  I might add! I do sort of come and go as I please but I love seeing all of our clients pet, dogs or cats. Often it is great fun to have a chat from the desk or through the bars of their carry cages – just so I can catch up on the local news of course!

I hope you will enjoy my blog as I aim to give you a cats eye view of Newdigate Vets and bring you all the latest news.

See you in September,

Haribo x

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