Vetting a horse is an important part of the purchasing process to assess the horse’s current and likely future fitness for intended purpose. A thorough examination will take place, assessing aspects of a veterinary nature that have the potential to affect the horse’s suitability for intended use.

BlueSkyHorseStages of a Pre Purchase Examination:
      1. Preliminary examination
      1. Walk and trot in hand
      1. Exercise phase
      1. Period of rest and re-examination
      1. Second trot up.

Here at Newdigate Vets we provide the option of a Five Stage Examination, or a Two Stage Examination which omits stages 3, 4 and 5. The prospective owner must sign a disclaimer acknowledging the limitations of a Two Stage Examination.

Our vets take great care to assess everything they see and will make an informed decision once they have completed the whole examination.

There are some things to consider when arranging a PPE.
      1. Whether the horse has a valid passport – it is now illegal to sell a horse without a valid passport so we highly recommend you ask the vendor to present the passport at the vetting.
      1. Fitness for examination – if the horse is unhandled we cannot complete a thorough Five Stage Examination.
      1. Suitable premises – stable/shelter from light, level firm surface suitable for trot up.
      1. Intended use of the horse – it is worth having a detailed conversation with us so that we can understand what you will require from your horse.

Please contact us to discuss your needs further or to book an appointment.