300260As horse owners there may be times when we feel our animals may not be quite right. Some cases are more obvious than others and we pride ourselves on taking the time to thoroughly investigate all aspects of your horse’s movement. We prefer to have your horse in to stay as an inpatient so we can accurately observe and monitor them with our entire equipment close by.

We are also able and willing to come to your yard to complete parts of our investigations providing there are suitable facilities for the vets to use.

During a lameness investigation we like to look at your horse when exercised – either on the lunge, ridden or both. Ideally we use a hard level surface and will trot horses up on this.

Flexion tests and nerve and joint blocking are effective methods to aid investigation and help us to complete a thorough survey into potential causes and therefore treatments.

Our fully portable diagnostic imaging equipment can also be used to take radiographs or sonographs providing us with images of bones, ligaments, joints etc. This enables us to have a clear, all round picture of what might be going on.

All the staff involved with the investigation from the riders to the vets and the handlers that muck them out each morning work together to record and share information, giving a detailed and all round view of the horse. This is particularly useful during treatment as it is important to monitor how the horse is responding to work and treatment post investigation.