We are fortunate enough to have state of the art equipment enabling us to take images either here at Barings Field Farm or at your own yard. We are able to look at these instantly and also take the time to look in more depth at the surgery.

Digital Radiography (X-Ray)


This is an efficient and effective method of bone and joint diagnosis. We have the flexibility to bring our own equipment, or you can bring your horse here to have images taken in our clinical area at Barings Field Farm.

We also use x-rays when looking closely at foot balance cases. Thorough and in depth examinations take place when looking at foot balance and the vets work very closely with the farriers to work out the best solution for various cases.

The beauty of digital radiography is that it is easy to share our images with your farrier or send them on if needed for referral.



A safe and non-invasive technique used for evaluating soft tissues such as tendons, ligaments, tendon sheaths, bursae, muscles and blood vessels. It is also very useful on joints and bone surfaces, particularly areas which are hard to radiograph i.e. pelvis and ribs. It is the standard method of imaging for the examination of the reproductive tract in breeding mares.

We have a portable unit which can be set up to be used here at Barings Field Farm in our clinical area, or as an ambulatory service – we can come to you and set up at your yard.

Not only do we use ultrasound for diagnostic purposes, it is also an invaluable tool when reassessing injuries and monitoring progress.
Ultrasound has many other uses including investigation of cardiac disease, evaluation of the eye, investigation of respiratory disease (especially in foals) and imaging the abdomen, which particularly useful in cases of colic.