August 2016

Hooray! All our hay has been made and wow wee, we have plenty of it! Things are looking good for the winter!image-3

July has been a steady month with some lovely weather and we have all been enjoying the sun on our backs.

We have had a few visitors and patients staying with us. I especially enjoy when they are here on a day trip and have plenty of stories to tell. Our vets work very closely with farriers and often horses arrive especially to be shod and x-rayed to make sure their foot balance is just as it needs to be. This is always very interesting as every horse is so different and we all require that individual treatment. After they have been shod they usually leave with a healthy spring in their step ready to go to their next competition!

You will be pleased to hear the lamb who had the broken leg is doing very well and it won’t be long until she is back to full fitness in the field.

The driving horses are ticking along nicely and have been on a couple of trips for various lessons and have had some lovely drives around our surrounding countryside. The roads in this area can be dangerous, as many are. But recently there have been a couple of incidents around Newdigate that have made us even more aware. Some of the drivers that pass through the village do not always slow down for horses or give them enough space as the Highway Code states they need to. This can be so dangerous and all it takes is that scary leaf or blade of grass out of place to make us jump (you know how unpredictable we can be!) and it would be curtains for us, our riders and the driver and passengers in the cars. I always make sure that my riders are wearing hi-vis, as does Viki for her horses and anyone on the back of the carriage so that we can be seen well in advance of passing. We are even going to get Bertie the dog his own hi-vis jacket! It seems that often this is not enough and we are still experiencing some unfortunate near misses or even accidents so close to home. As horses we really do urge all drivers to take their time whilst passing horses on the road. Most riders are very courteous and will always express their gratitude for giving them a chance to stay on board and not hit the deck.

Best get back to the grass before the dreaded 3pm flies come looking for me, they are a nuisance this year!

Until next time,

Buster x

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